Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Bill Knell's Article - Take A Month Off From The Movies!

Here's a post by a writer I ran into the other night, While we don't agree politically, I think he might have something of a point. It does seem a little suspicious that there is so much Hollywood Activity this June.


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Bill Knell


PRESS RELEASE: Take A Month Off From the Movies!

Date: 5/26/04
From: Dump The Doubters; Bill Knell, Spokesperson
Website: http://www.dumpthedoubters.com
Email: billknell@cox.net
Phone: (480) 632-7909

Hollywood Filmmakers have been trying to sway public opinion for years. The insertion of politically correct ideas, language and situations have become all too common in large and small budget films. Such productions are given all the accolades that the film industry can muster. At the same time, films with a conservative or religious message are touted as racist, homophobic or exclusionary.

The public should have the right to accept or reject the views represented in a film with prejudice. While this courtesy is always extended to films that meet the criteria of those with a left-wing or politically correct agenda, conservative films are panned as static productions driven by hate. Moguls have recently shown their true colors by offering thinly veiled threats against those who were involved in The Passion of The Christ. The film was painted as one that would surely incite religious hatred and all involved were panned as renegades who would ultimately be excluded from future work in Hollywood.

It�s time to let Hollywood know that there�s nothing wrong with being conservative. Hollywood Moguls have painted Conservatives as religious fanatics, hate mongers, mindless slaves to right wing agendas and supporters of those who raid corporations and rip off stockholders. They welcome those who attack the traditional family, abuse and exclude women using the mask of religious freedom as their banner and place environmental issues above human survival.

Many of the big budget films coming our way this summer include themes and situations that are precious to left wing and politically correct agendas. If you disagree with the content of those films or are tired of Hollywood�s intolerance of anything conservative, join us in taking a month off from the Movies! We are asking people to stay out of movie theaters from May 28, 2004 to July 5, 2004. Visit us online at http://www.dumpthedoubters.com

Monday, June 07, 2004

The Day After Tomorrow

by  Christopher J. Bradley



This film, directed by Roland Emmerich, creator of Independence Day, was as large and loominous in scale as any I've seen to date. The water was real, the ice was real, and the snow shoes were real. There were some minor plot flaws. Somehow a man crosses 3 states worth of tundra in less than a week on foot.

The kids narrowly escape the ice that chases them down a hall. This reminded me of that Final Destination movie, where the outcome was known in advance, which led to some uncertain fears, but I think that all in all it was a good adventure action movie. The only thing it lacked this summer was a werewolf, but then, that's what we had Potter for!


TROY, Beyond The Illiad

by Christopher J. Bradley


Troy goes beyond the Illiad to bring in the story of Achilles Heal and the downfall of King Agamemnon in the Temple. This story is a wonder. Where at the end of the Illiad Hector is placed on a pyre, the Greeks invade through the stealth of the Trojan Horse and sack the ramparts. This story in all of its complexity and romance between Paris and Helen, is a wonderfully crafted work of arts that is suited to the times. The conquistador is fallen, although the war is won. Kind of reminiscent of the tones of the American Civil War.

Harry Potter 3

This was my third experience with Harry Potter in film format. Having not read the books, I have to suppose that my 10 year old brother is more qualified to comment on the accuracy of the portrayals in the film than I am, nevertheless, I found it a qualified shocker, and one to keep the young ones away from. The werewolf transformations were enough to stir me in my seat.

In any case, this one shows a bit more maturity of characterization and the replacement of Dumbledor was not really as significant as it could have been in the hands of any less of a director. I give this film two thumbs up with a qualified squeal.