Monday, April 18, 2005

Short Circuit

Short Circuit was a cool movie. I just bought 3 movies on DVD actually. Walmart has an exceptionally good movie library for 5 dollars per film. The other 2 movies that I purchased included Godzilla the Matthew Broderick Version and Point Break with Keanau Reeves.

All three are great movies that I remember from my past, and my friend Kim insisted that we watch my old Legend tape (Tom Cruise) this week as well, so I've actually enjoyed quite a few movies this week. So many that it's tough to focus on a specific title for review.

I'll be around though, so keep reading and build up that DVD library while the sales are on. I saw the Replacement killers with Chow Yun Fat for a couple of bux too. Good deal with the Crystal Method on the soundtrack.

-Christopher J. Bradley